AESTHETIC Blue Color Set Easy Mini


3 different shade hues and the base material shade 34 of the AESTHETIC RED (hot polymer) and AESTHETIC BLUE (cold polymer) resins enable the gingiva to be individually shaded quickly and easily. The incident light is refracted by the semi-opaque pigmentation and reflected. This gives the pink of the artificial gingiva a particularly natural look.?

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Whether HOT or COLD, this compact starter solution with three ready-mixed shades – analog to the AESTHETIC Color Wax range – allows the dental technician to easily, and above all quickly, produce individual pigmentation of the gingiva.

Inspiring applications
> Time-savings through premixed colors
> Matches CANDULOR AESTHETIC denture materials
> Characterization pattern

3×100 g AESTHETIC BLUE Polymer (shades 53, 55, 57), 150 ml AESTHETIC BLUE LT Modelling Monomer, 1 Glass pipette, 1 Shade guide, 2 Instructions for use, 1 Step by Step folder


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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