Automix and Intra-Oral Tips (35 of Each) (Light, Light Quad Fast)


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Honigum is a complete innovative, premium VPS impression material system that offers unmatched detail and exceptional
strength to resist tearing upon removal, creating perfect fitting restorations of all types with no need for retakes.
With superior flowability and outstanding stability under pressure, it reaches even the tiniest of crevices to deliver maximum
precision impressions. DMG’s rapid “snap-set” technology drastically reduces impression errors and distortions due to
micro-movement during setting. Plus, it combines a conveniently long working time with a shorter intraoral setting time,
resulting in greater control and optimal patient comfort.
When speed matters, Honigum’s Quad Fast line of materials offer a faster-setting option without compromising superior
precision, stability, and flawless impression detail.
For the edentulous application, Honigum Rigid X-tra Fast is a fast-setting, rigid, heavy-bodied VPS impression material for
customized impression trays, including edentulous impression techniques. Easily removed, Mono Quad Fast works well with
Rigid X-tra Fast as a wash material, providing superior accuracy and greater muscular detail without compressing soft tissue.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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