Capt-All Amalgam Waste System


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Captures 95% of Amalgam waste … Prevents dissolved mercury from entering water systems

We supply recycle box … Environmentally friendly and easy to dispose

Use only when placing or removing amalgams … No service calls on your vacuum systems

Simple to use … Attaches directly to your standard HVE valve

Meets ISO 11143:2008 minimum requirement of 95%, See J.A. king Test results below

Environmental Benefits

Use the Capt-all system instead of your standard evacuation tip, the amalgam capture happens in one handheld unit for your amalgam placement or removal treatment. This keeps mercury out of your vacuum systems, and ultimately out of our water supply. All other “Amalgam Separators will allow dissolved mercury into central water supplies. Read the Purves Environmental, Inc. conclusions report (dated August 3, 2017) located in product images.

Included with purchase

Three 25 count boxes of Capt-all disposable tips

0ne 2.5-gallon Amalgam recycle waste container

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

75 pack, 25 pack


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