Shade Guide AutoPlast / BasePlast


Developed specially for the overcast and flask technique. This
cold-curing polymer is distinguished by its outstanding flow properties.


BASEPLAST- Heat Curing Denture Base Material

Simply uncomplicated
The heat-curing polymer BASEPLAST was developed to provide an easy processing
option without problems. Particularly noteworthy is the extremely short swelling
time and the adequate working time. The swelled dough does not stick and offers
good pressing behavior.

Inspiring features
> Outstanding fit
> Natural shade effect
> Color stability
> Simple handling
> Low residual monomer content

AUTOPLAST- Cold Curing Denture Base Material

Modelling made easy
The flow phase was set at about 3 minutes. After a transient phase of 5 to 6 minutes,
the material can be modeled for a further 3 minutes. This means that several
saddles can be worked easily and correctly with the casting method.

Inspiring features
> Simple handling
> Excellent flow and modelling properties
> Long working time



5 Pink – transparent, veined
6 Pink – transparent, not veined
34 Original Pink – semiopaque, veined



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