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An exceptional variety of type-specific tooth shapes and a very special surface profile distinguish this tooth line.

The functionally cross-linked TCR material is noted for its impressive material and resistance properties.


TCR acrylic (TwinCrossedResin) is a highly modified type of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) variant in which both the polymer and the matrix are evenly cross-linked. This is done by again cross-linking the previously cross-linked polymer with the matrix. This ensures optimal abrasion resistance and resistance to a plaque for these prosthetic teeth.

Highly cross-linked PMMA network with increased cross-linking of the polymer chains:


The outstanding appearance of the pre-fabricated teeth is achieved by the multi-layer process, life-like layering, and the natural surface profile. With its two shade systems and the combination with excellent material properties, the TCR tooth line is suitable for both full dentures as well as partial and combined dentures.


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