Anatomic Facebow (includes two bite forks and stem assemblies)


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Two Bite forks Instead of One Where most competing facebows have just one bitefork assembly, the AD2 Facebow has two. This makes it easier when using the Facebow on more than one patient at a time, improving your staffs efficiency and productivity. Additionally, each bite fork also has a convenient center line mark for quicker, more accurate setup. Easier Upper Cast Mounting Handy Third Reference Point The facebow comes with an orbital pointer for individual use, but also has a convenient nasion relator (made of soft sponge rubber for added comfort) to give you a 22 millimeter standard third reference point measurement when you mount models on an articulator on the axis orbital plane. Integrated Bubble Levels. The AD2 facebow now comes with two bubble levels built into the facebow arms to measure level positions for both the anterior-posterior as well as transverse planes. Why pay extra for add-on bubble levels that are clumsy to work with when AD2 integrates them in right from the start

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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